Recharge Your Power at Vitalize: Developing critical skills for the nonprofit-voluntary sector


Volunteers and employees of nonprofit organizations need resources and skills development just like any other hard-working people. And they do work hard: Alberta has a robust nonprofit/voluntary sector of more than 24,500 organizations and registered charities that employ approximately 176,000 people.

Albertans also love to volunteer. The latest stats show that Albertans provide more than 228 million hours of service each year – the equivalent of about 120,000 full-time jobs.

With this many people involved, it’s in our best interest to ensure that everyone gets the support and resources they need for success. That’s where Vitalize comes in!

What is it?

Vitalize is Alberta’s premier conference for the nonprofit-voluntary sector. Now in its 26th year, Vitalize offers workshops with a wide range of speakers, inspiring keynote sessions, entertainment and networking opportunities all aimed at boosting your ability to work better and accomplish more. Vitalize 2014 takes place June 5 to 7 at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre.

Four Reasons Why You Need to Attend Vitalize:

1. The workshop topics address the key concerns and interests of people in the non-profit/voluntary sector. A sample of this year’s workshops include:

  • Understanding Leadership Influence: influence doesn’t come automatically with a leadership role – learn how to build personal influence within your organization.
  • How to Build Trust and Goodwill so You Can Say What You Need to Say: learning skills to communicate tactfully and with confidence, address issues sooner and without fear, and hold someone accountable – while keeping the peace!
  • Emotional Intelligence – Managing the Human Side of Change: gain insight into how you react to change, both personally and professionally.

2. Amazing opening and closing keynote speakers will offer compelling ideas on leadership and how to promote your organization:

  • Opening KeynoteRon Tite:named one of the “Top 10 Creative Canadians” by Marketing Magazine, Ron is a Second City-trained comedian turned executive advertising creative director. Ron will offer his take on creativity, innovation, personal branding, social media and corporate strategy.
  • Closing KeynoteDrew Dudley: founder and Chief Catalyst of Nuance Leadership Inc., Drew will offer his thoughts on leadership in the nonprofit sector. Check out his TEdxToronto talk!
  • Bonus – select speakers who will also be present include Tommy Banks, the well-known jazz musician and retired senator is a passionate defender of the importance of arts and culture in Alberta; Kaitlin Roig, a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. In December 2012, Kaitlin saved the lives of her 15 Grade 1 students when a gunman entered the school; and Tina Verughese, President of Calgary’s tWorks. Tina specializes in cross-cultural communication and among many achievements, she also spearheaded global skilled immigrant recruitment missions and was part of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty.

3. A great opportunity to learn how to support youth volunteers with the Youth/Mentor program. This program will help this vital demographic to learn valuable skills they can take back to their organizations. It may even spark their interest in a career in the nonprofit/voluntary sector!

4. Network, network, network—there are plenty of opportunities and even more people to network with, so grab your business cards and seek out those like-minded, creative people. Discuss ideas, build collaborative partnerships or even just make some new friends… it’s all part of Vitalize. If you’re on Twitter, use #Vitalize2014 to connect with others, organize a tweet-up or join the Facebook page!

Sounds fabulous! How do I sign up?

That’s the easy part – visit the website, browse the program guide then register online. You can register right up to the start of Vitalize on June 5th, either online or in person. See you there!


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