Alberta Culture Days Returns: Feature Celebration Sites

It’s that time year of again when we announce the Feature Celebration Sites for Alberta Culture Days (September 26-28)! These three days are the perfect opportunity for Albertans to come together to share, celebrate and promote the wildly creative, wonderfully vibrant communities we live in. It’s also one big hurrah in the waning days of summer.

Alberta Culture Days aims to help build Alberta and enrich our communities by encouraging and promoting local culture. To help community organizations achieve this goal, the Government of Alberta offers seed money to assist with the costs associated with planning events. Organizations that receive this money are designated official Alberta Culture Days Celebration Sites. This year, there are five Feature Celebration sites and 87 Host Celebration Sites.

Feature Celebration Sites:

The Celebration Sites were chosen based on qualities such as partnerships within the community, diversity of programming, incorporation of local talent; and interactive activities. Feature Celebration Sites must host three-days of family-friendly activities. The 2014 feature sites are:

Creative Airdrie Society (Airdrie)

Stony Plain Library (Stony Plain)

Vermilion Allied Arts Council (Vermilion)

Nanton and District Chamber of Commerce (Nanton)

Regroupement artistique francophone de l’Alberta (Edmonton)

Go check out their websites, see what kind activities or programs they offer and stay in touch as they unveil their formal Alberta Culture Days programming.

See the complete list of Alberta Culture Days Celebration Sites.

Lego building contest at Art Gallery of Alberta, #ABCultureDays 2013

Lego building contest at Art Gallery of Alberta, #ABCultureDays 2013

Host an Alberta Culture Days Event!

You don’t need to be a designated Celebration Site to host an event—anyone can do it! In fact, all Albertans are encouraged to share in the experience of Alberta Culture Days by attending, volunteering for, or planning an event that showcases their community’s unique talents, pride and passions.

a) Use these Tools and Tips to get some ideas or help plan an event. There are even customizable promotional tools for you to download and use!

b) Put your event on the Alberta Culture Calendar; you will get the benefit of ongoing promotions and marketing; and

c) It shows up on our handy easy-to-use mobile app (currently only for iOS)! Albertans will be able to look up your event right from their phones!

An Alberta Culture Days event doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be anything from a showcase of traditional dance shows, a concert put on by the neighbourhood kids, an historic exhibit or art walk; a backstage tour, a school dance-a-thon, or even a food festival. It just needs to reflect some aspect of Alberta’s vibrant and diverse culture. So gather up your friends, family and neighbours – and join the Culture Days movement today !

2013 #ABCultureDays celebrations in Red Deer

2013 #ABCultureDays celebrations in Red Deer

Check it out:

Alberta Culture Days website

Alberta Culture Days Facebook

Alberta Culture Days Photos


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