Be Active, Alberta

Remember when you were a kid? Were you the kind of kid who, when their parents took them to an open field on a sunny afternoon, ran as far and as fast as they could until your little lungs felt like they would explode? Didn’t that feel great? Can we ever get there again?

In a series of two new videos, Culture and Tourism’s Recreation folks are asking just that, and they’re working on ways to get everyone in Alberta moving like they did when they were kids (including kids).

Active Alberta Vid2 cover

Presented under the banner of Active Alberta, the idea is to bring together communities, schools, nonprofits and other government organizations to take as comprehensive an approach to active living as possible. Their vision is to change Alberta to a province where “Albertans enjoy a high quality of life, improved health and wellness, strong communities, economic benefits and personal fulfillment through recreation, active living and sport.”

Below is a video that lays out the basics of Active Alberta:

As the video states, the ultimate goal is to get “more Albertans active more often.” It’s a pretty simple goal, but it has some pretty far-reaching consequences.

The second video, below, goes into further detail about how Active Alberta is designed to work across multiple sectors to create healthy environments no matter where you are. The ultimate takeaway, though, is that creating an Alberta with a healthier population is not just an individual thing, or government thing. It’s a provincial thing, requiring input and participation from everyone.

Find out more about Culture and Tourism’s contribution to a more Active Alberta and the Alberta Sport Plan.

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