Mom and Dad were right – You should be outside!


It’s finally summer and this week we’ve been discussing how you can enjoy the all-too-short season in Alberta. Over the last three days we’ve talked about how Visitor Information Centres can help you explore Alberta, some ideas for road trips, and what to eat around the province. But sometimes the most enjoyment of the long summer days can come from the simplest advice: Go do something outside!

Here in Alberta, we are fortunate enough to have thousands of kilometers of trails along with amazing provincial parks to explore, and hundreds of interesting things to do in every part of our province. There are a bunch of rodeos, fun runs, bike races and festivals like the Fringe and Stampede coming up, so start making plans now.

In fact, what are you doing on Saturday? June 6 is National Health and Fitness Day in Canada, a new national day where Canadians are asked to get out and be active, together as one nation. The goal is to help transform Canada into the fittest nation on Earth. Saturday also happens to be National Trails Day, recognizing how important our recreational trails are to making Canada a better place to live. June is also Recreation and Parks month; celebrating…you guessed it…Parks and the great things you can do in them.

There’s so much to see and do around Alberta, there’s no excuse for not getting out at least once this summer. It doesn’t have to be complicated; just open the door and walk out!

So go on! Go have fun outside!


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