Bon Visionnement! (Enjoy the show!)


What does Alberta look like through the eyes of a Grade 4 kid? The students of École J.H. Picard had some great ideas and on June 26, they had an opportunity to showcase that vision to surprise guests from the ministry of Culture and Tourism, including Minister David Eggen himself.

How did they do?

Very well, actually.

Throughout the year, Mme. Dobbelsteyn’s students at École J.H. Picard (a K-12 French Immersion school in Edmonton) had worked together to develop a series of short videos promoting different regions of Alberta to potential tourists. The class of 20 French Immersion students researched, compiled and edited a lot of information for this project—investing significant time and energy into the videos that combined images and music with their reports.

The great thing about these videos is that they blended a bunch of things together that we’re all about here at Culture and Tourism: Budding filmmakers, Alberta’s beautiful tourist hotspots, and our robust (and growing) francophone community. These are all parts of Alberta’s amazing and unique culture. And who knows? Maybe because of the opportunity to create these little films, some of these kids will go on to become Alberta’s next great artists.


The “premier event” showcased two videos from the class. The first featured the area surrounding Swan Hills, Alberta—focusing on the natural beauty of the region and the wildlife in the area. It also examined surrounding regions, ranging between the Red Deer and Athabasca rivers. Using a mix of voiceover, sweeping shots of the region and some impressive photos, the film highlighted this region of Alberta!

The second video told the story of the majestic Rocky Mountains and all the area has to offer visitors, highlighting many of the attractions and activities available in the Rockies, like skiing, hiking, camping, wildlife, and luxury hotels. And because this was a school project, the young students who made the film, wisely decided to include a brief overview of the area’s mining history. Mixed with some great footage of the Rocky Mountains, it was easy to see why this film was top of the class.

After the presentations, the budding filmmakers did what all good entrepreneurs did—they “networked” with each other and with the Minister over high-fives, cookies and juice, capping off a great culture-filled last day of school!

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