Fill up on fun at Alberta Open Farm Days


If you’ve eaten out lately, you may have noticed the phrase “farm to table” knocking about. Knowing where our food comes from has become increasingly important but many of us don’t really have the opportunity to get to know our local producers…until now.

On August 22 and 23, farmers, ranchers, local chefs and agricultural societies are throwing open their doors to visitors at Alberta Open Farm Days. Here are the top five reasons why you along with your friends and family should participate in the Alberta Open Farm Days.

1. Fill your boots: Choose from over 70 farms

With over 70 host farms and ranches, Open Farm Days has many different farm-life experiences to choose from. Visit the alpacas and llamas, tour a winery, learn about cattle operations, sample fresh produce or explore a corn maze—check out the website for details on activities.

2. Fill your belly: Enjoy unique culinary experiences

Tantalize your tastebuds by checking out the 18 farm-to-table culinary events happening on Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy the farm-to-field dinners, secret locations, and meals with local pasture-raised meats and fresh produce all prepared by Alberta’s talented chefs.

3. Fill your brain: Learn something new

Pick up gardening tips and learn how to make jam or cheese. Find out how bees make honey and how grains are harvested. Discover how some Alberta farmers are using state-of-the-art technology to take care of livestock and the environment. Learn about where your food comes from through the variety of tours and demonstrations available across the province.

4. Fill your britches: Experience life on the farm

How are farm animals fed? How does one milk a cow? Enquiring minds that want to know can use Open Farm Days as the perfect opportunity to get to know your local producers, hear their stories and maybe even step into their boots! From small organic farms to large grain and cattle operations, there is a lot to experience.

5. Fill your basket: Buy fresh Alberta food

Buy produce from the source—it’s about as fresh as you can get. Pasture-raised beef, eggs, honey, vegetables, fruit and fruit wines are some of the many products you can purchase at some participating host farms.

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