Stars of Alberta Volunteer Awards

youth cleaning park_cartoon

If you’ve ever walked into a local arena, took part in community festival or shared the fun at the neighbourhood playground with kids, then your life has been impacted by an Alberta volunteer. Why not say thank you by nominating an outstanding volunteer for a Stars of Alberta Volunteer Award?

Nominations close on September 15, but there’s still time to share the inspiring story of that selfless senior, that altruistic adult or that stupendous student that has made a difference in their community. Awards are presented in the categories of youth, adult and senior on or around International Volunteer Day, Dec. 5.

Across the province, volunteers are at work making sure that their friends and neighbours – and the scores of others they will never meet – can share in the cultural, social and recreational programs that make life in Alberta that much better. They are the driving force behind the building of community facilities and the fundraising for services for our most vulnerable citizens. What’s more, the time, talent and energy those volunteers invest in their communities helps to generate more than $9.5 billion in economic activity in our province.

Volunteers devote countless hours to making our schools, our neighbourhoods and our communities stronger, better places to live and visit. Aren’t they worth the few hours it takes to honour their commitment and compassion?

Nomination and full details are available online. Nominate a volunteer hero for a Stars of Alberta Volunteer Award today!

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