Five Easy Steps to an amazing Alberta Culture Days event in just 14 days

Learning to pinch perogies, Alberta Culture Days 2013

Learning to pinch perogies, Alberta Culture Days 2013


We know that hosting an event can sound like a daunting task. After much deliberation, consideration and preparation, we’ve come up with a fun, simple formula to help you plan the perfect Culture Days event in just two weeks.

Step 1: Get an idea

It doesn’t need to be a masquerade ball or a fancy banquet, we promise. Think more community-based, grassroots style – like a block party, or chalk party…maybe even a toga party with a cool hashtag?

Step 2: Make a plan and corral everyone you know into helping

a) Where will your event be held? Do you need any supplies? Does it require a permit? Do you need volunteers?

b) Get help: Bribe all of your friends and family with promises of Tim Hortons coffee, freshly baked scones and promises to help move them in the future…you should be set.

Step 3: Post it to the Alberta Culture Calendar

This is the most important step — well, aside from actually having a great idea first — because it makes your event an official “Culture Days” event.

Head on over to the culture calendar and click on “Submit event” at the top of the page. Fill out all the details and follow the instructions — and just like that, your event is official.

Step 4: Tell everyone you know

Find ways to mention your event in everyday conversation to everyone you know. For example, if a colleague mentions they are heading to the mountains for the weekend, why not stop off at your event on the way to enjoy some activities? Road trip!

Spread your social media wings and post until you can’t post anymore. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat can be your best friends in getting the word out.

Don’t forget to tag all your posts and photos with the #ABCultureDays hashtag. Then the entire Alberta Culture Days community can find your event and see what an awesome job you’ve done.

Step 5: Host the event, exactly as you planned in Step 2.

Congratulations, the big day is here!

The Tim Hortons coffee is warm and the scones are out. Your friends and family have set up the event exactly as you wanted and you’re blowing up the #ABCultureDays hashtag — your event is a success.

You did it! See, it wasn’t that hard, right?

For a more detailed explanation of what we covered here, be sure to check out the Alberta Culture Days Event Planning Guide.

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