The Spirit of Generosity during the Holiday Season

“Christmas is a season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.”                                                                                                                                   -Washington Irving

Made by Momma

We all know that the holiday season can be hard and there are hundreds of reasons why. It is also the time of year when charitable nonprofit organizations step up to the plate to help, to support and to offer a kind hand. The people that these organizations help come from various walks of life and the generous support of Albertans goes a long way to making it all possible.

Hali is a mother of four. Two years ago, just nine weeks after giving birth to her fourth child, she was diagnosed with cancer. It ran in her family history and she knew what lay ahead was going to be extremely challenging.

So she turned to Made by Momma for help.

Made by Momma is a nonprofit organization based in Calgary that assists families affected by life-changing events. The registered charity is completely volunteer-run and provides healthy meals, in-home services and other vital support to hundreds of families each year.

The group’s volunteers provided dinners for Hali’s children, brought supplies for the family as money became tighter and provided companionship and a supportive ear when things got really rough.

“I don’t have a family here, so [Made by Momma] became my support system,” Hali said recently to the Calgary Herald Christmas Fund editorial board. “Made by Momma have been my angels. They are my ray of sunshine. They have saved me so many times… it’s overwhelming just to think about how they’ve helped me in so many ways.”

More about Hali’s story


Hali with her four children: Chloe, Benjamin, Jordan and Taylor. Photo: Aryn Toombs, Calgary Herald

Organizations like Made by Momma depend on the generosity of and contributions from Albertans, whether that is in the form of donations or volunteer hours. Organizations that are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency can give official donation receipts that can be claimed on your taxes.

In addition to the federal tax credit, Alberta has one of the highest provincial tax credits. When these two credits are combined, Albertans receive a 35 per cent credit on the first $200. That climbs to 50 per cent on every dollar above $200.

Generosity is something that Albertans practice regularly both financially and through volunteerism, year round. It is something that is appreciated…valued…and necessary. Thank you.

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