So many things to do in Alberta, so little time!


Shakespeare by the Bow at Prince's Island, Calgary. Photo courtesy of Theatre Calgary

Shakespeare by the Bow at Prince’s Island Park, Calgary. Photo courtesy of Theatre Calgary

In case you didn’t know already…Alberta is a vibrant province filled with a wide range of festivals that showcase our peoples, cultures and diversity. There is literally something for everyone!

Made possible through the hard work of organizers, sponsors and volunteers these events bring together communities, draw visitors and help showcase the openness and inclusiveness of our province.

For example, The Works will see art & design unleashed throughout a one square kilometre of Edmonton’s downtown core until July 5. Theatre Calgary brings Hamlet to Prince’s Island Park with its Shakespeare by the Bow running until August 21.


Lethbridge has been showcasing its Pride throughout the month of June and the celebrations continue with a parade and party in the park tomorrow, June 25. Not to be outdone, Grande Prairie will be hosting events this weekend including a Pride Carnival and Party in White event.  And you can’t be Albertan and not know about the “pillars” of the July event scene with the Calgary Stampede July 8 – 17 (Yee haw!) and ten days of non-stop K-Days fun in Edmonton, July 22 to 31. These are just a sampling of the many, many, many things to do!

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As we attract visitors from across the province, nation and the world, it helps to grow Alberta’s dynamic and growing tourism industry. Did you know that in 2014 nearly 900,000 overseas visitors and more than 770,000 people from the U.S. came to Alberta? That’s a lot of people and tourism dollars into our communities, which translates into jobs.

The goal is to increase this $8.3 billion industry to more than $10 billion by 2020. One way of achieving this is by tapping into various travel opportunities or all visitors to create memorable experiences.

Are you looking for an Alberta experience this summer? Check out this long list of events and festivals available to you. You can also make everything that’s old, new again by visiting a historic site or museum near you.

In 2015-2016, almost 890,000 people visited provincial heritage facilities ranging from Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump near Fort Macleod to the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin. Check here for a complete listing of all provincially-owned historic sites and museums and their hours of operations.

So what are you waiting for?!

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