Are you concerned about inactivity? The Conference Board of Canada wants to hear from you!

The Shiferaw family in Edmonton, Alberta, Saturday, August, 13 2011. ..John Ulan/Epic Photography Inc...

Photo courtesy of John Ulan/Epic Photography Inc

It’s no secret that physical activity levels in Canada, are lower than what experts recommend, especially among children and youth.* There are a number of reasons why this might be, such as technology, lifestyle and economic factors. The 2016 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth recently suggested inactivity levels are affected by sleep patterns. Despite these challenges, physical activity is important to many Canadians and our Provincial, Territorial, and Federal governments are looking to increase physical activity levels across the nation. To do that, they’re looking for your help.

Working through the Conference Board of Canada, Provincial, Territorial, and Federal governments are taking steps to address physical inactivity across Canada. As part of this, the Conference Board is surveying Canadians to get a better idea of what they think the direction for a new framework to address physical activity should be. The survey is open until November 21, so there’s still time to provide input on how you want to see address physical activity addressed in Canada.

You can make your voice heard — as a member of the general public, as a professional (health care provider, teacher, urban planner, academic, etc.), or on behalf of your organization or municipality — by taking the survey here:

The framework is expected to be completed for endorsement by Provincial, Territorial, and Federal sport, physical activity, and recreation Ministers in July 2017.


*For those of you interested in some of Alberta’s numbers, we recently released the results of Alberta’s Recreation Survey from 2000 to 2013 on to the Alberta’s Open Government Portal. One interesting stat is that, while almost all Albertans participate in some form of leisure or recreational activity, more than one third of us are not participating in an activity we wish we were, like skiing, kayaking or swimming. Are you part of that group?

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