Poetry and Archival Exhibits are in store for you this April


What’s not to love about April? Along with the budding trees and blooming flowers (the occasional burst of snowfall), a fresh new season of events is starting to spring up at Alberta’s historic sites, interpretive centres, and museums. Take a quick scroll through the many possibilities here.

At most venues, full programming starts on May 15, but you can already catch a couple of early birds who are kicking off their spring season with some fun activities.

Reading History: A Celebration of Poetry at Rutherford House

RutherfordHouseWhat if, instead of trying to imagine history at a poetry reading, you could actually be immersed in it? You can during a special afternoon at historic Rutherford House  located in Edmonton.

Three accomplished poets will be reading works exploring multi-faceted ideas of “History”: Tracey Anderson, Jennifer Bowering Delisle, and Gail Sidonie Sobat. The event is part of the larger Edmonton Poetry Festival and the 1911 Post-Edwardian style home of Alexander Cameron Rutherford is a perfect setting.

The first Premier of Alberta, also considered the father of the University of Alberta, Alexander Cameron Rutherford was very fond of literature and poetry, and the family was well-known for their gracious hospitality.

Guests will discover verse in the various rooms of the house – WWI poetry in Cecil Rutherford’s room and romantic poetry in the master bedroom. After the poetry readings inspire, try your own hand by collaborating on a group poem or writing something original in the magnetic poetry area.

Come and be a history insider at Reading History: A Celebration of Poetry at Rutherford House and experience live poetry in an elegant space that continues to entertain visitors in the spirit of the home’s original owners.

Date & time: Sunday, April 16, 2 p.m. (doors open at 1:30 p.m.)

Regular admission fees apply

See complete event details on the Edmonton Poetry Festival web page or connect with Rutherford House on Facebook!

Let Justice Be Done: The Alberta Provincial Police, 1917-1932


Most of us don’t remember a time when Alberta had its own police force, but the Provincial Archives of Alberta (PAA) does – come and see the evidence!

This exhibit displays unique photos and records that tell the story of the captivating, though brief, history of Alberta’s Provincial Police (APP) force from 1917 to 1932. Many questions come to mind: What were the entry requirements? What did the uniforms look like? What equipment did constables have? What hard challenges did they face during the prohibition years? The answers to these questions and other intrigues are here to discover.

During its time, the APP was considered one of the most efficient police organizations of its kind in the world, but what led to its demise? To learn the end of the story, check out the PAA until June 15 and discover the thriving world inside that holds the answer. Admission is free.

History researchers and genealogists know the PAA as a vast and valuable repository of records that are preserved and managed by archivists who are passionate about their work. Think of the PAA as a huge time capsule brimming with fascinating details of Alberta’s existence. The Alberta Provincial Police exhibit is just one of the events and services that the PAA offers and new things happen regularly so keep checking back!

Connect with the Provincial Archives of Alberta on their website, Flickr, YouTube, Sound Cloud or Facebook!

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