Tune in to the Women Warriors Podcast, Season 2

Last year, we told you about Shelley Wiart and her Women Warriors program, created to “help women and children live healthy, active lifestyles.” Since that last post, Women Warriors has seen some terrific growth, and has helped hundreds of women and girls bring physical activity into their lives. Part of that growth has been the launch of a podcast, hosted by Shelley herself, where she sits down with some amazing Indigenous women to talk about a number of subjects impacting women and girls today. Guests have included Devon Fiddler from SheNative Goods Inc, actress and singer Stephanie Harp, and NWT MLA Caroline Cochrane.

Here’s how the Women Warriors website describes the podcast:

The Women Warriors podcast holds space for honesty, healing and hope. Your Métis host, Shelley Wiart real talks with a variety of Indigenous women – academics, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, and more – as they share their failures, successes, and stories of healing so we can learn from each other and build a healthy and vibrant community.

The second season of the Women Warriors podcast began October 2 and the list of amazing women continues. Guests this season include independent filmmaker Jannica Hoskins, artist Chief Ladybird, and Dr. Carrie Bourassa, the Scientific Director of the Institute of Aboriginal People’s Health at the Canadian Institute of Health.

You can find the Women Warriors podcast on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher. The podcasts and other videos are also available on Women Warriors YouTube channel.

The Women Warriors program is supported in part through grant funding from the Government of Alberta.


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