Ending poverty – a global effort that begins at home


Marked annually for the past 25 years, October 17 is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, a global Call to Action to citizens of the world to come together – governments, organizations and individuals – and undertake concrete activities to bring about the end of poverty and destitution.

Across Alberta, organizations and individuals have taken up that challenge. From volunteering at local food banks and homeless shelters, to raising funds for the building of schools and medical centres in the developing world, Albertans are making a difference and helping to end the crippling legacy of poverty.

You can join the battle by getting involved – sharing your passion and compassion – in support of local agencies on the front lines of the war on poverty. Here are just a few to consider and to inspire. There are so many more that are looking for someone just like you.

Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS)

Through integrated healthcare, education and housing, CUPS and its partners assist adults and families in Calgary living with the adversity of poverty and traumatic events to become self-sufficient. With a focus on health, housing and education, CUPS is a milestone on the journey to a brighter future.

Bissell Centre (Edmonton)

For more than a century, the mission of the Bissell Centre has been to work with communities to empower people to move from poverty to cultural, social and economic prosperity.  The Bissell Centre enables people to meet their own basic daily needs, participate in community, have sustainable livelihoods, feel hope for the future, and make plans for a prosperous life.

Tennille’s Hope Kommunity Soup Kitchen (Whitecourt) –

Since 2007, Tennille’s Hope Kommunity Soup Kitchen has provided food, clothing, workshops and fellowship to individuals and families that are experiencing financial hardships or just want to spend time with others.

Change for Children Association (Edmonton)

Threads of change. Stitched together by you.

It is the motto of the Change for Children Society that is building civil society capacity in the global south and within Canada to promote health, human rights and create solutions to poverty through sustainable development. The organization’s is changing lives through efforts like the Nicaragua Water Project that is bringing clean water and impacting the lives of people in 132 communities in this Central American nation.

Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning Society (Cochrane)

Through the HiMaT Indigenous Leadership and Development Project, Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning Society is at work in Pakistan, helping those who are struggling to bring sustainable improvements to their own world, improving the lives of others trapped in poverty, ill-health, social and economic deprivation, or the lack of basic human rights.

Sahakarini Inter-World Education and Development Association (Camrose)

Working to help the vulnerable and marginalized to help themselves, the Sahakarini Inter-World Education and Development Association help to engage, empower and enable people in practical ways at the grassroots level. With projects to address barriers to health, education and economic development, the organization is bringing hope and positive change to people in Africa, Central and South America and India.

More information: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

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