Open the Door and Go For It!


It’s February and for many people, the resolutions made just a few short weeks ago are already starting to slip. Now’s a great opportunity to pump up those promises, get back on track and reboot!

For those of us who resolved to be a little more active in 2018, February is a perfect opportunity to get back into the swing of things; It’s Winter Walk Day in Alberta!

Officially, Winter Walk Day is an annual event that serves as a reminder to Albertans that the cold weather shouldn’t be a barrier to an active lifestyle. Organized by Safe Healthy Active People Everywhere (SHAPE) and a number of community-minded organizations, Winter Walk Day encourages people of all ages to head outside for at least 15 minutes of fresh air activity. Whether you run, ski, skate or just stretch your legs around the block, Winter Walk Day is all about active transportation, promoting healthy living, and celebrating the glory of winter.

Unofficially, Winter Walk Day is really a celebration of the beauty of winter. Sure, our sidewalks freeze, then thaw, then freeze again. Our cars slip and slide down city streets and some days our dogs need sweaters just to leave the house. But when the bright prairie sun hits the snow just right and you can see your breath cloud around you like a blanket, there is nothing quite as breath-taking as an Alberta winter day.

Finally, one of the best things about Winter Walk Day is that it is a communal event. We’ve all heard that going to the gym with a friend is the best way to stay motivated, and Winter Walk Day is all about being active together. With any luck, maybe you’ll motivate someone in your office or family to get up, get out and get active this year. Or maybe you’ll be the one motivated. Either way, on Winter Walk Day, you’ll be joining more than 100,000 Albertans as they brave the cold, enjoy the winter scenery and walk. Even if you can’t find anyone you know to walk with, you can still join the online community of walkers by registering on the Winter Walk Day site.

Active living can be as easy as going for a walk every day…so open the door and go for it!


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