Working on the world’s best preserved dinosaur: One year later


Borealopelta markmitchellii skull on display at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Grounds for Discovery exhibit

It was just one year ago when the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology appeared in headlines across the world: a new species of dinosaur had been named in honour of museum technician, Mark Mitchell, who worked on the specimen for nearly six years.

We caught up with Mark to learn about his new-found fame and what has changed in over the last 12 months.

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Let’s Look at Alberta’s Record Industry

Heart to Heart records co-founder, Bron Wells

As Alberta Music Week continues, we thought we’d take a look one of the less-talked about aspects of music: Labels. Not stickers on records or cover art on CDs (though it is where the term comes from), but the people who market, publish, and distribute artists’ music into the world. Did you know that Alberta has a number of record labels that have worked with stars like Jimi Hendrix, Tommy Banks and Un Blonde? As we celebrate this most melodious week, we put together this handy guide to just a few of Alberta’s noteworthy recording imprints. Continue reading

Better Days: The Rebirth of Calgary’s Legendary King Edward Hotel

Photo credit: Sebastian Buzzalino

Yesterday, music fans in Calgary were happy to hear about the reopening of the historic King Eddy, a cornerstone of Calgary’s live music history. As Alberta Music Week continues to rock on, we change our tune a bit to take a look at this iconic venue and the new lease on life it has found with the National Music Centre. Continue reading

Wilf Carter: The Father of Canadian Country Music

Wilf Carter – aka Montana Slim — is one of the most influential musicians ever to come out of Alberta. Widely recognized as the “father of Canadian country music,” the singer, songwriter and yodeller launched his career in Calgary in the 1930s, and went on to international fame as Canada’s first country music star and a major influence on generations of musicians. During this year’s Alberta Music Week, we’re taking a look back at the remarkable life and career of this Canadian music legend. Continue reading

Blast From the Past: Big Names in Alberta Music History

Alberta’s music history is chock-full of big personalities, big sounds and big talents. For Alberta Music Week, we’ve chosen to highlight a handful of Alberta music giants from the 20th century. Through their creativity, talent and sheer force of will, these artists helped shape the province’s musical and cultural landscape, inspiring generations of artists who followed in their footsteps. Of course, these great Alberta artists are just the tip of the iceberg. We hope this small sampling of blasts from Alberta’s past motivates you to dive deeper into our province’s music history. Continue reading