Exploring at the heart of tourism

Haskin Canoe Tour Métis Crossing

Haskin Canoe Tour; photos courtesy of Amy Dillon and Anthie Michailides, Métis Nation of Alberta

Imagine, life as a fur trader more than 150 years ago, living off the land and paddling your birch bark canoe in the great outdoors. Thanks to the industrious operators of Métis Crossing, Leon Boychuck-Hunter and Phoebe Surana’Mehit, you don’t have to imagine it, you can experience it! About an hour and a half northeast of Edmonton, near Smoky Lake, you will find this one-of-a-kind historical adventure.

Leon and Phoebe are examples of the many entrepreneurs that are the backbone to tourism in Alberta. In celebration of Small Business Week in Canada, we’re taking a look at a few tourism operators whose entrepreneurial spirit is shaping visitor experiences in Alberta.

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Meet your rural neighbours during Open Farm Days on August 19 and 20


Open Farm Days is close. Really close.

Open Farm Days (OFD), for the uninitiated types, is a celebration of everything rural Alberta has to offer. On August 19 and 20, farms and ranches across the province will open their doors to offer visitors a range of experiences, including culinary events, tours and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

If you’ve participated in OFD before, then you know the score. However, a primer for first-timers and a refresher are in order. With that, let’s review some tips and highlights to ensure your Open Farm Days journey is fun and memorable.

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Happy International Museum Day!

Blog PIc

You don’t have to dig to find something awesome to do in Alberta. After all, our province has many stories to tell and plenty of natural wonders to explore thanks to our network of 20 provincially owned and operated historic sites, museums and archives.

In honour of International Museum Day, we wanted to share with you a few reasons why we love our heritage facilities (and why you should love them too).

Are you into dinosaurs? Vintage vehicles? Tasty Ukrainian cuisine? Alberta history, artifacts and records? We could seriously keep going because we have it all! Our heritage facilities cover a wide range of topics and interests; to find something that intrigues you, check out this complete directory of facilities, locations and event information to help plan your next adventure.

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Country mouse recruitment drive is on for Open Farm Days 2017


tomato kid

While Alberta has long celebrated its status as a rat-free province, the recruitment drive is on for country mice.

The country mice collective of farmers, ranchers and ag-operators is being called on to act as hosts for this year’s Open Farm Days, which runs from Aug. 19-20. Together, they’ll help welcome and educate their city mice counterparts on everything rural Alberta has to offer.

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It’s harvest time at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Farmer on Tractor

If you’ve never experienced harvest time in rural Alberta, the Harvest of the Past & Harvest Food Festival at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village on Sunday, September 11 is a fun-filled, interactive event that will help you explore Alberta’s agricultural roots. Step back in time one last time this summer and see the Ukrainian Village as this event marks the end of the 2016 summer season.

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Bringing in the harvest at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum


The tractors are giants, the smells are sweet, and the fun is big! It’s Harvest Festival at Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Sept. 3  and 4.

More than 35 antique machines will be both on display and bringing in the crop. Using threshing machines, swathers, combines, steam traction engines and giant tractors, we will be harvesting the old fashioned way. Visitors can get up close and personal with some of the antique machines and even take a ride on a tractor!

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